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We are GC Business Solution

GC Business Solutions is a leading provider of comprehensive business solutions for both online and offline businesses. Our wide range of services includes everything from Web Development and Digital Marketing to Content Creation and Social Media Management. We understand that every business has unique needs, which is why we tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements.

A Complete Business Solution


Incredible User Interface and User Experience, 100% Responsive, Dynamic Designs, and Features Galore.


Why Sell Locally? When you can Sell Globally with a Powerful E-Commerce Store that includes Advanced Feature & sales Channel.

Digital Marketing

Our Advertising Expertise can assist you in Expanding your Business, Finding New Clients, and Increasing your Revenues.

SMM + Content

Let our Social Media Experts and Strategists to handle your Social Media to increase Brand Awareness and Engagement.

Business Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Fundamental and Advanced Concepts of an Online Business.

Professional E-Mail

Elevate your professional image with a custom email address for your business that matches your domain name.

Websites We've Made


Smart Tailoring Service at Doorstep


Makeover for Brides & Occasions.


Finest Restored Pianos


New Born & Maternity Photo Studio.

Strategic Solutions: Unleashing Business Potential and Overcoming Growth Challenges

Let's talk about your Business Goals!

Here's Our Incredible Team


Founder, Web Developer, E-Commerce Expert & Shopify Partner, Digital Marketer Strategist & Business Expert

Hello, I'm Gurpreet Chawla, active in the business sector since March 2018. With experience at AT&T and United Airlines, I prioritize exceptional customer experiences as a core tenet of my business approach.

Himanshu Kumar

Web Developer / UI UX Designer

Tomasz Walski

finance & collaborator

Dimple Prasad

SMM & Customer Relations

Hritik Sharma

Content & Social Media

Our Customer Experiences

Nandita Shrivastava
Nandita Shrivastava
Jamshedpur, India
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They’re very professional and they provide amazing work. I highly recommend!
Gaurav Vaid
Gaurav Vaid
Delhi, India
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I engaged GC Business Solution to revamp my "Makeup IQ" website, aiming for enhanced UI/UX and a more effective strategy. Collaborating closely with Gurpreet, Dimple, and Himanshu was a delightfully seamless and gratifying experience.
George Eberhart
George Eberhart
Atlanta, USA
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GC Business Solution is an excellent organization. They are always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days per year. They have provided excellent service to our company Proton Sports We highly recommend their services.
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We use their service for the setting up shopify store and Wow! Their service is excellent, very quick, reply our question instantly. Many good suggestions and very professional. Highly recommend this company!
Arshareeya Wajadee
Arshareeya Wajadee
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This is the best service and support ever! He is my hero to help out of my business. GC Business Solution is an excellent organization to provide the services that are needed to resolve any problems.
Siew ZY
Siew ZY
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A good choice for people who doesn't know how to design or a newbie. They can design your store decently in 1 day time. Very appreciate it. Thank you so much for the services!


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